“No, you go first!”

There’s too much to say.

That wonderfully sunny day turned into another sunny day.  But I stayed in bed with the blinds closed.  It may sound pathetic, but as woman, I felt scared of what I would find outside my front door.  Would I be safe walking down the street.

I likely would have been.  But many other women/girls were not.

Women in the city being grabbed at their crotch, girls in middle schools having their breasts groped.  All in the name of trump.  I cannot believe this is happening…yet I can.  I can’t be too surprised.  We knew these attitudes were rampant.

Third party voters are NOT to be blamed.  While I had fully intended to vote for Dr. Jill Stein, I froze in the voting booth.  At first I thought of myself as being halfhearted and pathetic.  Then I realized, there was something speaking.  Something bigger than me speaking into me.  In a peaceful way.  So, I took a deep breath and I voted for Hillary.  I do not like her.  Her integrity is crap and I’m embarrassed to have been a part of the DNC.  But I knew I had to.  I felt the pull of women before me and the women to follow.  I owed it to them.  I felt the pull of love for my LGBTQIA+ friends, and I knew I needed to defend them with my vote, knowing full well, the leadership of Dr. Stein would be best for them, but it would also be impossible.  I felt the obligation to use my white, US citizen privilege to vote for a woman who would not immediately harm them.  Again, I knew they’d be safest under Dr. Stein, but that was an impossible option.

So no, don’t blame third party voters.  They voted according to their consciences.  The reality is, THE CHOICE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOWN TO THESE TWO IN THE FIRST PLACE.  3rd Party candidates should have been mathematically valid candidates.  They should have been allowed equal space in all of the debates.

Furthermore, blame for a trump win comes down to 3 categories.

1. Those who voted for him and supported him.  And I would venture to say that those who knew his incredulous character yet did not actively speak against his tyrannical self, are also partly to blame.

2. Trump himself is to blame.

3. Precious Hillary and her DNC minions are of utmost guilt.  Because this established party which could have strategized a republican defeat instead, chose to RIG THE PRIMARIES in favor of a woman WHO WAS ***NEVER*** PROJECTED TO BEAT TRUMP.  Bernie Could have Won.  Bernie Would have Won.  Fuck the DNC.  Fuck Hillary.

To those who believe that the trump supporters are in general good people…I don’t know who you’re talking about.  I have spoken to trump supporters and they make prejudiced and stereotypical comments all the time.  The microaggressions have been evident in EVERY SINGLE trump supporter I have known, befriended, and met.  To be fair, most of us with white privilege are NOT immune from making the occassional or consistent microaggression.  BUT THAT’S THE POINT.  I have not met a trump supporter who has not made a recognizable microaggression.  So, if you try to tell me that most of them are good people who aren’t racist…I simply cannot believe you.  They may be good people.  But racism, sexism, xenophobia, trans-/homo-phobia, etc….these are constants among trump supporters….even among the ‘good ones.’  Afterall, that is the very platform of the trump campaign.  [Just a note: if any of you, especially my real life friends, voted for trump and you do NOT consistently make microaggressions and stereotypes, please talk to me in person.  I truly want to hear from you and about your decision.  I love you, and I want to hear from you.]

UGH.  NOW THAT THAT’S OFF MY CHEST….let’s talk about how beautiful it was to see so many protests last night.  I mean, truly, these mass protests should have occurred after the knowledge of Hillary rigging the primaries.  But alas, the unthinkable has occurred.  And I love protests.

Speaking of protests, I’m at Starbucks currently.  I came here because I did not have the heart to visit my local Christian coffee shop.  Customers were *fighting* over WHO SHOULD ORDER FIRST.  Praise Jesus.  This is a small, yet not too trivial, act of love.

As for logistics, I won’t be moving to Canada because I have come to far in my schooling to back out now.  I am a white citizen.  I will be safe.  Hopefully I won’t get grabbed by the pussy.  I’ll be extra careful, take a self-defense class, and carry a knife. I WILL resist.  Ain’t no way imma back myself into line with this piece of shit man.  I’m gonna hold the line and resist.  Publicly and secretly.  Contact me if you are interested.

Since an impeachment would mean devil-pence would become pres. I’m gonna have to say that that might not be such a great idea either.  Unless we organize and get them both out.  But I can’t imagine that they would appoint a 3rd-in-line who would be a valid presidential option, either.  So, let’s focus on midterm elections.  And let’s focus on local governments and continuing to educate and fight for civil liberties.

Back the ACLU…nuff said.

Build and maintain connections and friendships with international friends/colleagues.  Build yourself a global net for the impending shitstorm.

Seriously though.  Let’s connect and build an underground network.  The time is now. Because it’s like 1933.  And we won’t allow a repeat of hate.  We just won’t.

Message me.



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