The Return of the Lost

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I’ve been back home from the north for 1 full day.  I am lost.  I do not know what to do.  I can’t remember how to rest and how to be still in this city that always is moving, moving.  I am listless and a bit sad.  I miss my ol friend Lake Superior.  I miss the woods and the old homes.  The hills.  The sky.

I’m so tired of school.  Uck.

When I woke up this morning, my bedroom made sense to me.  Each little corner and bare wall space strategically contain items which remind me of the north woods.

I’m trying to figure out how exactly I will survive another 2-3 years in this city.  Society is so backwards.  We think we are ‘found’ when we can bump up against one another.  We think our technology and businesses keeps us connected.  But I think it’s the clapping aspen leaves and the power of the waving lake that keeps me grounded and keeps this blinking arrow on the inimitable map of humanity.

Uhh.  What have I gotten myself into, here?


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