One Circle: The Bridge Arcs Over The River

I’ve set aside my study material and my frantic brain to study some One else,

So that in the coming ages,

He can show me the immeasurable riches of His grace

in kindness

toward me–toward us.

For BY GRACE, I have been saved.

Through faith.

Not of my own doing

But as the undeserved GIFT of God.

I’ll repeat it so it sinks in: This is NOT as a result of my own works.  Studying, lobbying, churching, friending, doctoring, et al.

Otherwise, I would boast in these abilities and successes.

I am His workmanship,

Created in Christ Jesus.

Created for GOOD WORKS, which God


has mapped out for me!!

That I should simply walk in them.

I have been brought near to Heaven’s fellowship with God

by the blood of Christ.


is my PEACE.

He has both made me One with Him

and Broken me DOWN through His fleshly sacrifice.

That I would NOT have a reason to boast in myself–my abilities and successes.

Thus, Christ is THE dividing wall of hostility.

(So whom shall I fear?!?  WHAT shall I fear?!)

He became the dividing wall of hostility by

ABOLISHING the Law of Commandments,

which were expressed in ordinances…

(Who could live up to those standards, anyway?!)

He BECAME the dividing wall of hostility

between us and the Father

So that He could KILL the hostility between us and the Father.

By doing this…….Let’s say it together:

He became the NEW LAW–The NEW COVENANT!!

Thus, he also makes PEACE between us and the law

by reconciling us to the GOD

and by having surrendered himself to the Cross.

He became the BRIDGE of PEACE over the steep river banks of Hostility–

the perfect circle of Life.

A Ring of Love.

He Came.

He preached about the BRIDGE of PEACE to those who were near and to those who were far away.  Jews, Gentiles, everyone beyond, and in between.


through Him,


have EQUITABLE access

to the ONE SPIRIT of the Father.

Thus, we are united to each other

AND to the Triune Deity.



Along with all the other saints who have gone before

and are yet to come.

So, the temple is being built.

Jesus is the Cornerstone.  He was the first stone to have been laid.

HE is the ancient sacrifice–No wine, no lambs, no grain.

Scars engraved across His body,

So that He can be Eternally recognized.

Around Him,

was laid the foundation of the work of the Prophets and the Apostles.

He determined the structural position.

And we have laid our lives in line with Him

to build this Holy Temple of worship.

A dwelling place for God,

By the Spirit.




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