Soon Or Never (the sequel)

I woke after 3 hours of fitful slumber.

I know why.  I know why it felt like I was suffocating–drowning.  I was foolish to think there was substance.  The flirting was only…well…something else.

He doesn’t see the deep wells within me.  The deep wells of creativity and joy and sorrow.  And what a shame that is!

He doesn’t see the great heights to which I shall find myself.  He doesn’t understand that I must experiment with opportunities–sometimes blindly–until I reach this treasure that I know my Father has in store for me.  I must continue on.  Boldly and Beautifully.  As sure-footed as a deer.

If ever I have seen your Lips Move

And known you Could Not Say

The words I Think could Make Me Love You

And heard them anyway

And heard them anyway

Then I have not been..

I have not been in Love.

I rise as the sun goes down

And I pray my True Love and I

Find a Way to Each Other


Or Never



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