the important thing is to: BEGIN

Yes.  I began at the beginning.  The very beginning of all of this.  The first day of class, I could not tell you a valid and logical thing about ‘race.’  And I was extremely defensive of the fact that I was a born-again Christian, colorblind and compassionate.  I had travelled as missions and I had interacted with people of color.  <—Yes.  I was this lame.  I began at the very beginning.

Learning the difference between ‘race’ and ‘ethnicity’ was simple enough.  But letting that knowledge penetrate my self-interest and pre-formed ideals about the world was almost impossible.  It wasn’t until learning about the history of racism that I really began to understand the weight of my false ideas of ‘race.’  The data and research articles on historical aspects of racial oppression and how it was a relatively new concept–not inborn, but created–was what staggered me.

The Holy Spirit was faithful to convict me of my ignorance–and my willingness to turn a color-blind eye to these facts.

10806375_890831584302138_4792471466906508360_nYou may find in the list of contents that History of Racism comes after the Mechanisms of Perceiving Race.  My own journey through this material was in reverse order.  It was only after realizing historical truths (which were not taught to me in public school) and responded with repentance, that I was able to {slightly} more openly investigate the concepts of developing identities, the differences between stereotypes and prejudices.

This was even more revealing of the nature of my soul and my{mostly unintentional} involvement in the systems of racism.  I spent many hours in prayer, studying, journaling and contemplating these new {to me} ideas and realities.  I went through a phase of blaming public school systems, my rural, white society town, the government, etc. and let’s face it, any one of these 3 factors could have had the power to educate me about these injustices.  However, the blame game is unproductive.  So, through repentance, once again, I found freedom.  The Lord’s mercy is great, indeed!


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