Giant Block

10959428_890832414302055_614431135287364040_nBeen learnin’ to speak.  Been learning’ how to stop herself from beating up her shy-self after speaking up.  It’s tough.  Maybe her classmates will call her Questions Girl.  Maybe they laugh and think that she’s ridiculous.  She’s teetering on the edge of forgetting what they may think of her.  After all, she’s heard the way they badger others and name-call.  And she has very little respect for many of them because of it.

She slept with wolves without fear,

for the wolves knew that a

lion was among them.

R.M. Drake

10968464_890832350968728_5685719367191145694_nShe was always meant to speak because she was always meant to lead.  She can do it with the Mighty Hands who help in everything she sets her mind to accomplish.  In everything He sets in her heart to do.

This is a giant block of whatever is most difficult for you to carry

& trust me on this, you’ll carry it more times than you can count

until you decide that’s exactly what you want to do most

& then it won’t weigh a thing anymore.  ~Brian Andreas

She can carry that giant block now.  She can only carry it a few awkward steps until she stumbles and loses her strength.  But she’s been gettin’ back up.  And she’s been lifting and lifting.  And she’s been praying and praying and waiting and waiting.  And now,

…Just watch and see10958098_890832417635388_7154341259177293781_n


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