Single Harness

I am a horse for single harness, not cut out for tandem or teamwork….

Full well do I know that in order to attain any definite goal,

it is imperative that one person should do the thinking and commanding.

Albert Einstein

I’ve been reading a book called, Quiet, by Susain Cain.  It is absolutely beautiful and holds so many insights into, not only introverts, but into humanity as a whole.  100_3139

One of the most influential items in the book, so far, is the idea of high-reactivity.  It is a biological explanation for introversion.  It is centered in the brain, in an area called, the amygdala.  Let’s call the amygdala, Amy, for short.  Amy can be found in the emotional part of the brain, called the Limbic System.  So let’s just say it like this: Amy and her social network keep it real.  They work together on basic instincts like appetite and fear.  But Amy has a potent ability–she is able to control very basic things like blood pressure, heart rate and finger temperature.  …Ever had sweaty palms?!

She is the emotional switchboard.  She relays emotional information from actual body functions to emotional behaviors and back again.  Amy tells you to duck when a Frisbee is headed straight toward your face, for example.

So, one day, a psychologist studied infants.  He wanted to find out how their amygdalae would react to various situations.  He introduced the infants to new sounds, tastes, new people, etc.  He wanted to see how they behaved in response to these introductions.

Some were easily excited, flailing their arms and legs and crying at the sight of unfamiliar objects.  Some were not so easily shaken.

Interesting, right?  Perhaps not.  This makes sense to us.  We see high-reactive babies and low-reactive babies all the time.  But what are these babies like as they continue to grow?

Which group of babies do you think grew into introversion?  Which group grew into extroversion?

More on this, tomorrow.

Take care, friends.



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