Another Installment From Nanny-Land

DSCN4305 DSCN4304 DSCN4303I must admit, I’m a little bored, today.  I have completed my project for the week, which was to weed and plant the garden.  The lawn mowing I will save until next week, when the children are up north.  Above are photos of two cucumber hills I planted with upside-down tomato cages.

The square fences will hopefully prevent the puppy from digging-digging-digging where I planted the swiss chard and radish seeds.

I am not entirely sure why decided to work on this garden.  I know that because of a health scare earlier this spring, they have not had the time they desired to invest in home and yard projects, and such.  Hopefully, this will be as low maintenance as a late-sown garden can be, yet will yield a fair amount–if not for the full benefit of preserving a harvest, then for the simple enjoyment of having a place of color and beauty in the yard.

I like doing this–making new spaces for myself and for others.  People tend to think that it is a hassle for me, but I love the way the recreation, organization or cleaning of certain spaces can leave others feeling refreshed and renewed in hope.  That was my purpose during my adventures, last week.  And I believe that in some ways, that is my life’s purpose.  But more on that later, my friends!DSCN4300The other half of the raised garden bed holds herbs, flowers and Elmer, the resident gnome.  At the bottom of the above photo, are the royal purple petunias that miss child selected at the nursery.  The curly, light green plant in the center is curled leaf parsley.  There are kale planted behind Elmer.  I’m glad to see them looking a bit more spry today.  When we picked out the kale, yesterday afternoon, we just kinda purchased the 6-pack with a whispered prayer and hope that the roots would take and the leaves would perk up!  I will add nutrients to the soil this evening with the second watering.DSCN4299The above photo displays the bright red sylvia that mr. child selected at the nursery.  To the left of the red sylvia, is a brand new oregano plant we picked up at Trader Joe’s and huge basil plant.  To the right of the red sylvia, is an established mint plant and a very large established flat-leaf chive plant.DSCN4302Here is a unique plant I do not recall ever seeing, before!  It is called, Wooly Thyme.  It is so very soft and delicate.  It vines like Thyme usually does, which makes this my favorite plant in this garden.DSCN4306My helper, Abby, seems to be feeling much better this morning.  She kept me up for a while during the night, afraid that we were going to see her go.  My project for today is to scrub her underside as much as possible, to help rid her of the urine smell, which is the result of her belly-scooting, last night.  Poor, old lady! *sigh*DSCN4307This is a blurry photo of my over-the-top brunch.  It was an ample green/purple leaf salad with blueberries, tons of pre-made quinoa, tomato slices, feta cheese, a slice of brie, and pre-cooked salmon that the family had left from the holiday weekend.  Let me tell you: that was the best salmon I have tasted.  It had a bit of a savory-sweetness to it.  So wonderful!  It was all topped with balsamic vinaigrette.  Yum!




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