Why Have I Been Holding my Breath for Summer? It’s already HERE!!

This has been one of the most accelerated learning curves I have undergone in such a short period of time.  Since Sunday, I have been nannying for two children, ages 7 ½ and 9 ½.  They are sweet, little buttons and are respectful towards others.  ….Also, they are definitely aware of their burgeoning independence.  This is not the first time I have nannied for children in these age groups, nor are they the oldest to which I have attended.  But they are perhaps, the most resilient, empathetic and thoughtful.  And perhaps even the most energetic.  I was not surprised that these children, born of two teachers, have little interest in movies and instead spend the entire day romping about the neighborhood and seeing how far they can ‘push the buck’ with me.

In the last couple of days, though they have whizzed by, I have learned of the need to back off, to be there for them but not hover over them, and to let go of guiding activities–a skill which is very much needed for younger children, with whom I am more accustomed to entertaining.

– – – – –

I have found these things to be elemental in my days, thus far [p.s. this is a long list, so scroll through and take what you like. I created this for my own pleasure and as a bit of a ‘scrapbook’ for this week’s adventures.]


DSCN4293{Two sky lights in the living room}DSCN4287{Every bit of color I can find.  I think I’m still recovering from winter and the very grey spring/summer we’ve had in Duluth.}DSCN4292{A Midsommardagen tea towel hanging on the stove or stretched across the counter. Oy! I would SO love to learn Swedish!}DSCN4294{The actual Taproot calendar!!  Phoebe Wahl’s art entices me each morning as I enter into each of these days}DSCN4298{Art and trinkets from across the globe.  The two adults of the house have travelled extensively and done humanitarian work all over the world.  They were giving me tons of advice on backpacking around the world while I brought them to the airport!}DSCN4288{Yoga mat stretched across the living room floor!  So much sun, here!  And the perfect spot for remembering to breathe. *Note: the yellow, yellow, yellow walls!*}DSCN4297{Not exactly my cup of tea, but a lovely reminder of my own travels to Asia!}DSCN4286{Asher the Aussie, whose name I continually forget, and thus has been nicknamed, Scout.}DSCN4296{Nature’s Miracle….is literally nature’s miracle when cleaning up piddle. *sigh*}DSCN4291{I’m so glad I had a box of these dryer sheets traveling with me.  They are lavender scented and have been placed, one-by-one, around my bed and suitcases to dispel the doggy-ness.  *sigh, again*}DSCN4295{I thought I would weed the garden and plant a late vegetable crop.  It’s been a hectic spring/summer for the family, but I think they will be blessed by this.  In the mean while, the children are enjoying spritzing the new oregano plant with Asher’s disciplinary-water-bottle!  *chuckle*}DSCN4283{I spread out each of the items that I have kept close to me the past few days, both with the intention of keeping me grounded and reminding me that *home is wherever I’m with you!*  jk! …I just love Edward Sharpe :D  Anyway, these things which have traveled here and there with me are reminders that I am to blossom wherever I am planted and second, they keep me preoccupied while the children scoot about and make plans and adventures of their own.

They are as follows, from Left Top to Right Bottom:

  • A little photo card I created and have kept in my day planner for close to a year. It is a cut-out from a Kinfolk magazine and says: “Abide. There is no greater burden than having great potential.” ~Linus, from Peanuts cartoon
  • Bug Spray from the Seward Co-op.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil–my go to, this week, while trying to keep up with the children, the dogs and my own heart.
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee.  “I need coffee in an IV!”  Stat!
  • My traveling Kalanchoe-buddy!  It’s looking a little shabby, today.  It really enjoyed the first week of getting to spend all of it’s time buried in the backseat of the car.  It is a succulent type of plant and loves that warm, still heat.
  • Daring Greatly by Brené Brown.  Seriously one of the best books–probably because it happened upon my life at a very opportune time (Thank you, Jesus!), and because it is all about the interconnectedness of shame, vulnerability, behavior, shame-based cultures and relationships.  So insightful–even up to the final sentence!  I would recommend it to anyone.
  • My traveling Spider-plant-buddy!  It’s looking a little blotchy, today.  I think it too, enjoyed the time spent sitting in the hot and humid car, last week.  Both plants are likely traumatized from all the moving in and out, the fluctuations of temperatures and environments.  Plants like to dig deep in more ways than into the soil.  They like to dig their leaves into the space above and around them.  They feel their environment and the changes of atmosphere.  I feel that I can intimately relate to this aspect of their being.
  • The spring issue of Kinfolk, which I have yet to finish.  I do not think I will re-subscribe.  I immensely enjoy the photos, yet the recipes are WAY out of my league and taste-bud-appreciation-range.  Also, I do not enjoy reading it.  For some reason, I am rarely inspired by the writings.  They feel dry and far-off for me, difficult to relate to, and too cloaked in ….something…for me to really enjoy it.  I want to show how much I value genuine writing, with my finances.  I don’t think my values really line up with Kinfolk, so perhaps if I let it go, there will be space in my budget and time to read something that will be more potent to my heart.  …Right?
  • Dug out my Shiva Rea yoga DVD.  My body is craving slow and steady movements these days.  The quick pace of Vinyasa is still just too much.  I find myself being renewed and refreshed by holding a single pose for at least 2 minutes before moving onto the next.  I’m still coming to accept the fact that I am not as active and in-shape as I was a year ago.  It’s been a tough year, and my body is not afraid to show it.
  • Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey.  I finished this book this morning, as well!  I feels so good to complete these two books.  I most enjoyed hearing a believer’s perspective on what feminism means to her and what it has the potential to be in the church.  Also, and perhaps most importantly, she discussed the possibilities of what freedom for women means within the context of scripture, the church and the world.  So interesting, and so very moving to hear her heart for Jesus and Jesus’ heart for women!
  • Taproot Issue 9: Seed.  It’s an old issue, but it is colorful and I like leaving it on the coffee table.  Just another reminder that this is my temporary home–a place I can rest and be and fill with my spirit and gifts, a place I can pray in and influence with grace and love.
  • Finally, Siggi’s yogurt.  I had never tried it, but I am liking more and more.  I do not get much dairy, these days, and it is not the most friendly to my dairy-free belly, but it sure is delicious and hits-the-spot!

Take care, friends.




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