What I’m Digging

::Solid, heavy rain. …you know what they say: April snow brings May downpour!

::Jack Bauer

::Visiting with a friend from high school…who I haven’t really talked with since then!

::I have decided on this summer’s mantra.  Last summer, my mantras were: “Just survive Organic Chemistry.” and “All she had was oatmeal and one Bowie record to last her all summer.” Inspired by the silly movie (which for some bizarre reason which I cannot decipher) I enjoyed, titled “Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World.”  This summer, once again, I have swayed towards Simplicity and Back To The Basics with this little gem by Matt Berninger (…I have no clue who that is): Live on coffee and flowers. Try not to worry what the weather will be.”  See?  Simple and pleasant.  Coffee and Flowers.  Super straight forward.  I can handle this.

::Working!!  I actually really LOVE my jobs…when I am not trying to balance them AND school!

::My new Nikki McClure posters.  Their price is relative to my abundance of appreciation for them. Twelve Bucks? hah!  I cannot wait to hang them up wherever I live next!  Buy them here: –> Best Posters In The World  ….But good luck choosing a favorite!  (Hint: If you buy three, you get a deal!)

::Patch NYC Solid Perfume…See it here: –> Bear. It is: sweet jasmine, violet, cedar and amber wood.

::This excerpt from No Time To Lose: ‘At a farewell dinner in December in Geneva, I asked Kofi Annan for advice on what to do in January. His answer was prompt and brief: “Sleep! Sleep as much as you can. When the responsibility falls off your shoulders, only then you will feel how tired you are.” ‘ …this is perfect advice for a recent college graduate.

tumblr_n54relPBIw1qkww7to1_500Source: dailydoseofstuf.tumblr.com




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