“No Time To Lose” -Part One

DSCN1803Because of the marvelous sites of filarial worms inside of people’s eyes, I did something a little out-of-the-blue.  I contacted my school’s, resident microbiology expert, Dr. Daniel Westholm.  I wanted a list of non-fiction reading materials for the years to follow, but was surprised by his generosity when he handed me one of his books, one day.

So, I got to reading!

DSCN1805I read The Hot Zone by Dr. Richard Preston, which I believe is one of the most exciting books of our time!  Not only that, but I began a couple of other books from the library, which of course got shuffled to the side as homework (and sleep) took precedence in the month of March.

The book, though, that has been the most influential thus far, is an account of a Flemish man by the name of Dr. Peter Piot.  His memoir, No Time To Lose, blew me away with a brand new perspective on overseas medical work.  Dr. Piot, who identified himself as an atheist, portrayed a deep sense of compassion to those suffering from poverty and hemorrhagic viruses in the deep of Africa.

(I loved seeing how some of the people that Dr. Piot came in contact with and some of the same illnesses which he saw firsthand, and some of the same paths that he travelled in Africa, were the same of Dr. Gess and Dr. Preston!  How fascinating to see what the Lord has done with the evils of these illnesses, by raising up some of the most unexpected professionals to study them and to bring about cures!)

Not only that, but it is most interesting to me to see how, in each of these books, there are common names, places and descriptions of ways in which these professionals impacted local political arenas within Africa.  We are not simply talking about local democratic chapters, folks.  We are talking about how each of these men were brought into the courts of cruel dictators, who stole money straight out of the pockets of their citizens and hospitals.  These men have swayed major political movements and motives throughout the continent of Africa!  That blesses me and blows me away!!

DSCN1794I pray for the wisdom and character to be seen fit by God to be led into the courts of powerful political leaders to influence change and to bring about discerning policies for citizens who are without voice in their government.



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