“Be A Medical Missionary”


I happened upon a book by the title, Be A Medical Missionary, over Christmas break.  It was written by a man from my old church at home, by the name of Dr. Lowell Gess.  He was a medical missionary (mostly) in Western Africa for decades, doing much of his work as an ophthalmologist.  In his fascinating account of the Lord’s love for the people in Africa and of His mercy for himself as a physician and missionary in a foreign land, I have found a bit of a niche.

DSCN1791It includes microbes on a global scale.  My most favorite stories within his book, was that of his finding that nearly 50% of his patients had filarial worms in the aqueous humor of their eyes.  The worms caused damage to the eyes and were contracted via contact with local rivers, thus it was known as River Blindness.  What I loved was the photos of the worms within the eye.  Super fascinating.  (Though, if I went my entire life not ever seeing a parasitic worm, I think that that would be okay with me!)

Even more so than these images, was my being blown-away by the unusual generosity of a pharmaceutical company by the name of Merck.  Merck had developed an effective medication for the obliteration of the worms within the human body.  In addition to that, the medication did not have traumatically adverse side effects on those who were infected!!!!  Merck, did something super crazy, awesome, folks!  Merck DONATED this medication (called Ivermectin) to people in poverty in Western Africa and beyond!  Dr. Gess began to not only see the reversal of the effects of the worms, but he began to see a dramatic decrease in the number of persons who contracted the worms.  A frickin’ miracle in ya ask me!

DSCN1803I want with my whole heart to be a medical missionary, to some capacity or other.  I am not certain, at all, of what that will look like or entail, but I am certain that it is my destiny.  It has been prophesied over me three times at three different and separate occurrences.  So, I am resting in my Lord.  Trusting Him to lead me and to work out that which must be worked out, to make smooth impassable logistical paths, and to direct me in my pursuit of medical knowledge and degrees.

He has SO much love for his people across the Earth, whether they are saved or not.  Surely healing comes from the hand of God and is a magnificent portrayal of his immense mercy and love towards us!  May he open our eyes to witness these blessings without entitlement, jealousy or blame.



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