::These Days:: …A Gift

I seem to be the type of person who enjoys a solid, challenging read.  One that requires between the line analysis and deductive reasoning….but I forget that that takes time.  And energy.  Two things which happen to be limited in my life and probably yours as well.  So, today, I think I’ll skip the depths and just mention a few goings-on around here.  I hope you won’t be too disappointed. :o)

DSCN3801 DSCN3800

:These days:

School seems to be going well.  I [mostly] enjoy my classes and even look forward to Mondays and 6am alarm clocks.  Strange, I know!

I am just killing the titration experiments in analytical chemistry.  They are so boringly fun and require precision and a steady hand.  I find utilizing these skills cathartic, especially at 8 in the morning when we should all just be hugging and watching the sun rise and drinking sea salt caramel lattes and paging through Kinfolk because mornings are just so hard.  The only other thing which would be more cathartic at 8 am is target practice.  Precision and a steady hand.  So fulfilling!DSCN3799Physics gives me the greatest heartache.  I have so many questions about neurons and plant functions which are only able to be answered with a background in physics.  Yet, I find, that as we plough through the material in our industrial society, my curiosity is replaced with a flatline.  In fact, this is the case for most of these subjects in school.  Questions about the human body or plants or nutrition or whatever, really, which were fueled by personal contact and exploration and reading, was met with a: you need to go to school.  And now that you are in school, we will tell you what we think you should know whenever we want to tell you.  If you ask us a question too BIG for this 100- or 200-level course, then we will tell you some crap-vague answer and encourage you to go to grad school.

Why the hell can’t we ask questions and follow through with learning in accordance to that question?  Why can’t I ask: how does the nervous system maintain its position within space…more specifically, how do synapses remain synapses?  And then follow through with years…perhaps decades of a flowing educational endeavor of exploring the answer to this question?  Why can’t I then learn what I need to learn to answer this question?  School is hard in that it requires me to learn a million, trillion things which are sometimes highly unrelated in a short period of time which does not allow for adequate reflection and all in order to earn particular scores which fit me into a freakish-categorical system which seems to only undermine my natural strengths and abilities.

I digress.

And a new rule: no whining in this blog post.

DSCN3811 DSCN3816The sun is out these days and is still so deliciously golden.  Love it.  I have been spending as much time walking and hiking as possible.  Autumn has ALWAYS been the time of year in which my body comes awake and I finally seem able to run, run, run!  The trouble is, this year, I have a suspicious cough coming from my lungs which tastes like blood.  Ilch!!  I spit into Kleenex’s like a champ, these days, just to check for red or pink.  Nothing.  Just a nasty metallic taste compliments of my alveoli.  Hoo-Hah!

Hope your days are as weird as mine!…They sure do keep me on my toes and ultra-aware of the goings on within me and around me.

In all reality, what better gift is there than awareness?

Awareness of the mercy of God, awareness of this world around me and of the rhythm of my own lungs.

DSCN3815A gift, I tell you.  A gift, to be sure.


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