The Past Few Weeks in My [Parent’s] Garden

Welcome!  I’m joining Soulemama today!DSCN3239 DSCN3240:Two weeks ago…DSCN3299DSCN3300:Last week.DSCN3298DSCN3195:36 [blurry :o) ] tomatos on this plant!DSCN3271:the Rhubarb patch…boy has it grown over the years!DSCN3296:PicklesDSCN3241:RadishesDSCN3242:Rainbow chardDSCN3243:Flowers and elephant ears…though these leaves are not quite as large as the rhubarb!

DSCN3207:Brussel Sprouts gone to seed.DSCN3204:Cabbage and KohlrabiDSCN3202:Lima Beans
DSCN3206:Carrot patch
DSCN3194:Dusty white leaves on the pumpkins and gourds…doesn’t look very healthy, though they are still growing just fine.DSCN3186:Hot peppers. …and more dusty leaves in the background…DSCN3187:Here is the dill!  Thriving!DSCN3188:I don’t remember which type of vine this is from…
DSCN3190:Zucchini and some spotted leaves…DSCN3184:Tall, tall sunfowers…I’m 5’11”, my arm up makes me taller…that is one tall sunflower!DSCN3172:Still waiting for potatoes to dry up.  Sweet potatoes in the bottom right…they look so neat! …And will hopefully taste great, too!DSCN3235:The large vegetable patch is behind the row of pines…vegetable boxes are to the right, flowers to the left.


DSCN3170:And here is another flower garden :: …just be careful for the mama bird living in that house…she doesn’t like when you mess with her landscaping beneath!DSCN3161Thanks for stopping by!…I know I’m glad I did! :o) DSCN3197


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