This Week in my Garden

Hello!  I’m joining Amanda and Heather in the garden, today!  And, for a nice change of pace, I am documenting my family’s garden instead of my few pots of goodness in the city.  So, without further ado…


At the far east, is a potato patch.  They are tall, beautiful, blooming plants.  Last summer, I struggled immensely in getting up to my community garden EACH day to pick off those icky potato beetles.  This photo really shows just how spoiled I was growing up…not EVER having to go out to pick beetles.  Just dig, plop a potato, cover, water…and then eat, of course!

This is the first time either of my parents have grown sweet potatoes.  EVER!  So cool!  I’m very proud of them, also dropping them sweet hints of my appreciation for said roots.

Next in are red onions, green onions, and garlic…which I think is one of the most beautiful and magnificent plants!  I think it’s right up there with ferns and moss.  So whimsical and…green. :o)  Green beans, peas, yellow beans, carrots and 33 varying tomato plants.  They are phenomenal!DSCN3017I have heard such sad stories about gardens.  Having experienced last summer in the community garden, I know first hand how devastating it is when all those seeds and hope flounder whether by bugs, inexperience, or the elements.  There is so much time and back-aching love that goes into one’s garden rows.  Even the dirt on my jeans is a badge of honor and such a sweet symbol of the season.  Without growth and harvest, without abundance, it is so hard to hold up one’s head and to look into the next growing season.  It can all be so overwhelming.DSCN3036Moving right along: one can find one hill each of buttercup, acorn, and butternut squash, two hills of gourds and 3 hills of pumpkins.  If you turn around to walk back from the west to the east, there are, along the back (along the soybean field), HUGE! zucchini and various types of cucumbers, including those for pickling.  My dog Buddy walked with me and thought it would be the greatest treat to pull a cucumber off the vine (all by himself) and then eat it (all by himself).  He was thrilled to be offered a yellow bean, as well.  Stinker.  DSCN3032Sorry for the awkward close-up, Buddy!DSCN3039There is a loofah plant, dill, hot peppers, a few unsuccessful…or not yet successful rows of beets, sunflowers which do not yet have heads, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

DSCN2999Well, yeesh!  This walk through is getting long…I’ll try to shorten it up a bit!  The back-left box is lined with onions and leeks.  In the middle are healthy, big beets, carrots, rutabaga, ground berries and lima beans (eww!).  I’ve never been much of a fan of those…though I love to grow pretty much anything!  In this front box is tired swiss chard, radishes, spinach, green and red cabbage, green peppers and kohlrabi.

In the small-back-right box, are MY babies…brussels sprouts and broccoli.  Two of the tastiest green things ever made!  EVER!!  There is more kohlrabi, celery, and red peppers.  Also, in the right upper corner, is another small box filled entirely with carrots!!  This garden is heaven, I tell you!DSCN3015 DSCN3000DSCN3020But of course, we can’t talk garden without also talking canning: green beans and peaches have been jarred.  And let’s just say, this is not the first bag of shelled peas…so much deliciousness!

DSCN3080What a nice pace it is, here!  Small town, my old, old yellow lab, Buddy, who is walking slower and slower these days, and sun across green and golden fields.  Mmm.  Glad to be Home.



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