This Week In My Garden

Today I am joining Beauty That Moves and Soulemama…and so many more who have this shared interest…the blessing of growing things.  I would love to read (and see!) what you are doing in your garden these days, too!  Be it a pot at your front door or acres of produce, just leave me a link in the comments and I will be sure to enjoy a visit to your space.

DSCN2420I love seeing the filled out pink-flower boxes as I drive up the hill toward home.  I was so concerned that I overfilled the boxes or that they weren’t hearty enough to survive our frigid start to summer.

But I think I was just being finicky.

DSCN2421Above are my two flowering maples.  I discovered this pink one…well…somewhere, last spring and the red one I received from my mom’s cousin.  Inherited plants are the best, I think!  Anyways, I brought them in for the winter and found them after Christmas break drowned in my bathtub.  Perhaps someone was just trying to be nice, but all of my herbs ended up dying from being over watered and my flowering maples went into some type of shock and are finally pulling through.  The branches are so spindly and pathetic looking.  But here you see the flowers are finally blooming!

It’s been a long hard road since December 2012, for the flowers and myself.  But I think we will be the better for it.

DSCN2423Here, though, are the real stars of the show.  My herbs.  I simply ADORE growing herbs!  They were the only plants which really flourished in my Duluth community garden last year.  The soil here is so rocky and poor…more like clay, and the bugs and slugs were so very bad last year.  I think the lack of a 2011-2012 winter had something to do with it.  Well, at least they hadn’t noticed my herbs last year.  Not that it would have mattered, since they bit the dust in the end, anyway!  But with an ending comes a beginning.  And these are the proof of such.

From the bottom up, I have Tahitian Bridal Veil which I finally found an adequate pot for on Monday.  It was ornery with me for about a day, then began to perk up and today–blossoms!!

Next is my basil.  I haven’t had great luck with basil for a few years.  I’ll be thinning these out soon but not before I get a few good leaves out of the deal.

My mint (near the fencepost) has tripled in size since last week!  It grew wild in the community gardens last year, which I thought was so fun!!  My lavender (same pot as mint) is still very small.  Looks stunted.  But I have never had a great lavender plant.  So sad.

Next up is a lettuce mix.  Looks so delicious.  I will let those beauties grow probably another week then thin for a delicious baby-lettuce salad and allow space for a few full grown heads.  Yumm!!

In the top pot, there is a small rosemary next to the fence post, a steady growing thyme hanging out of the pot next to it, and my beautiful sage above it.  It has doubled in size since potting it.  I could not be more proud!  DSCN2422I found this little ‘pincushion’ plant on sale while shopping for pots.  It is something I have never heard much less grown before…which makes it fun…!

Well, it’s really only a small collection of pots this year, but with a year’s worth of organic chemistry credits packed into 1 summer, I am very glad about my decision to keep things reasonably small.  Next summer there will be new opportunities, and possibly more free time to either volunteer at a CSA, take over a community garden, or…maybe even grow a garden of my own–in. the. ground!

Now tell me, what’s happening in your garden this week?


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