Pureness Restoration

DSCN1362Contrary to familiar belief, we cannot earn our purity.

It is something we lose in moments of weakness or in the depths of our hearts and minds. We see things we perhaps never intended to lay eyes on.  We learn things from talk of classmates or a passing glance at the television.  Our motives are most important and perhaps the most vilely tainted.  We do things for this person or that one, or most common and detrimental, we behave out of our own self-interest.

We are not pure.  We all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.


She was a virgin.  As great of an asset as that is to the story, it is the pureness of the One who passed over her which is most significant.  The blood of the resulting Child is the proof.  It is the only thing able to save us, bruised and darkened children, from our depravity–from our inability to love the good and wholesome Law.


We cannot draw near without pureness.  We cannot understand the Words of Life unless we look upon it with pure eyes and pure motives.  It is rightly and gently preserved for those whose hearts are dependent on the blood of Christ for the restoration of their pureness.  No matter the depths or color of our stains, we have the gift of entrance through Jesus!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  Though we cannot earn our pureness, we can, by the blood of the Lamb, be restored.  Even the most ‘pure in heart’ will find delight in His great act of love!

In the throne room, we come upon a man robed in white.  A man whose eyes are bright as the flames of fire.  We come upon such light that we become clothed in color and the glory of the righteous One.  We come before his throne with singing and dancing, but only by his blood, which is worthy because of the pureness of his conception.

So we strive, also, to follow in his footpaths.  To lean in to truth.  To trust that the Lord will provide for our sexual needs.  Yes, we do have sexual needs, and the Lord is able and so willing to meet those needs.  And because of the humanity of Christ Jesus, he is able to sympathize with our weakness, with our human needs.

So this weekend, I pray that you will draw near with all confidence, into the deep place of the throne room.  That you will worship Jesus for his pureness which has saved you from your dusty self.  I pray that you will offer your heart.  Open your shoulders to the throne.  If you usually raise your arms in worship, step forward and present to the Lord a dance of gratefulness.  If you usually sing along word for word, begin to sing your own song unto the Lord.  It feels awkward at first, but the Lord sees your heart and your gift and he knows the price you pay for freeing yourself of the conformed image of normality in our culture.  Step forward and offer your gift as though you are the only one there, before the beautiful throne.  Open your heart to what you can give unto the Father.  Your offering will not go unnoticed by the Father and be assured, it will get easier as you practice the art of the giving of your gifts, in the place of worship.DSCN1290

Be warmly blessed, friends.


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