What I’m Diggin’

:.Alabama Shakes

:.Josh Groban’s new album: All That Echoes

:.I think my favorite part of Downton Abbey is the costumes.  Seriously, I feel like I would have SO much to learn from Susannah Buxton, the costume designer.


:.Dream More.:

{From my new favorite: theyard.}

:.“I’m sorry, Finn V.”

:.V-day flowers from the sweetest Daddy on earth!


:.The gift of deep sobs.  The ones which draw out of the strength of one’s spirit, from deep within…somewhere in the base of the gut.  They speak of the grief of life lost.  Of hopes deferred and the confusion of walking out the challenges of this life that I’ve chosen.DSCN0731

:.The joy and serenity which follows the flow of brokenness.

:.I just added an “Ina May” folder to my webpage bookmarks.  I am ecstatic to see what more I can find to fill it with!DSCN0732


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