I am in love.

:.Shortly after publishing my post last night, the Lord began to speak to my heart.  He assured me that I had not incurred his wrath, and that he delighted in me.  Hopefully I heard rightly :-) But I believe what I heard.  I felt so relieved, so thank you, if you said a bitty prayer for me!

:.It was an interesting night last night.  Again, things just seemed to connect in my mind, so that I could actually fit into one journal page, a few of the things that are strong in my heart these days.  Let’s begin with this: because it is the best and most recent.  My professor cancelled our test today, so I ran home to throw in a load of laundry.  I ended up driving north instead of back to school.  Ooops.  Mehehe!

Guess what I found….DSCN0655 DSCN0001NO FREAKING WAYYY!!!!!!  WAVES AND SURFERS AND WAVES AND SURFERS!  GAHHHH!!!!DSCN0003DSCN0682I stood by a few of them while I soaked in the 20-something degree heat-spell we’ve got cookin’ here.  I RE-HEEAA-LLYY wanted to ask if I could take photos of them.  But I have a difficult time photographing less important things than people, such as yarn, brussels sprouts and tree trunks, so I don’t think I’m ready to take up picturing people.  Plus, I hate how people become [so. NOT. themselves] as soon as the camera pops out. …or is that just me?…DSCN0686DSCN0683I wandered around aimlessly for a couple of hours after I stumbled upon this surfing community.  Literally.  I have no clue how my car made it home with me in it.  I also have no idea how I do not have more bruises from running into walls and door frames.  Also, I’m confused about how I’m not drowned.  Deceased, smiling broadly, at the bottom of Lake Superior because I seriously fought the urge to jump in after these cool peeps.  After all, there were ample surfboards sittin’ around in the snow banks.

My adrenaline levels have slightly died down since 1pm, so I feel I have the ability to keep on with the remainder of the topics. …Actually…no.  I’d much rather get back to daydreaming of my new love:




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