When you see something coming::Rise to greet the occasion

DSCN0570 DSCN0503

I went to my second, first yoga class last week.  It was beautiful.  I had three ambitions:

  1. Make a friend[s].
  2. Be positively challenged
  3. Be encouraged

I accomplished 2 and 3.  It was hard to accomplish number 1, as I showed up a bit late [maybe ;-)] and everybody shot out of there as soon as the instructor said, “namaste.”  Lame.DSCN0267

Anywho.  There were three reasons why I went.  Perhaps I’ll bore you with the first two reasons some other time.  But for this afternoon, I would like to tell you that I had an inkling.  The inkling said, that going to the yoga class would result in a revelation or breakthrough of some sort.  So, in faith, I decided to go.  Asked that I would indeed have breakthrough.  Then worshipped Jesus.DSCN0468

When I came home, I was so jazzed!  I cherished the experience and though the air was super frigid, I could not get enough of the bright, bright stars.  So, after freezing my cheeks…[all four of them], I decided to crawl into the house and my warm, warm bed.  There it was.  Pieces of my observations and life and discernment or whatever came together in one big ‘wham-oo!’


:.I’ve seen in most, if not all, God-fearing families, a point when the atmosphere shifts.  It is the change in the hearts of the parents when they realize that their children are no longer…well…children.  It is the obscure season when childhood-discipline ends and the gentle and enduring advice of aged-parents takes root.  This might sound strange, but it seems to me that this season comes after a season of strong shaking.

I think that the United States of America has been and is currently in this season of shift.


Think about it:  When our nation was first birthed, it settled on rules: the Constitution; a mission statement of sorts: the Declaration of Independence; and people lived according to what our forefathers considered to be honoring to God instead of European aristocracy and unquestioning rulers.  Perhaps it was exactly what our nation needed in her infancy, through her years of toddler-dom, childhood, and adolescence.  DSCN0065

Even now, many of us would love to be under the same regulations for the sake of holding fast to unity, for the sake of honoring God in the way we were created to as a nation, and for the sake of preserving the relative innocence of our land.DSCN0064

However, we as a nation, have reached ‘adulthood’, it seems.  We are in greater need of the aged and experienced voices of our elders to direct us toward the cross of Christ and the throne of God.  What we need are parents who know how to parent their adult children, who have the best interest of the children’s children at heart, and the wisdom to speak with compassion and foresight.


I wish, that in this season, the Natives of this beautiful land, would rise up and teach our generation how to care for the land, how to care for our young and our elders, how to use but not waste and how to fight with forgiveness.  I wish that our ancestral nations had the courage to share with us their reasons for success or failure.  I wish that we would learn lessons from Africa, and Korea and Australia, and that we would truly melt the best from each of our cultures in to this crazy, beautiful mosaic nation we have called home for merely 200 years.DSCN0469

I wish that my generation was humble.  To ask for help in this new season.  To seek the Lord for their definition of freedom.  To trust that even now, as things fall apart, there is great hope and a future for those who look upon the Lord in their time of need and in their time of thriving.


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