December’s Ducks

I was down and out with a migraine, yesterday.  And again when I woke up this morning.  My medication for it (Aleve cold and sinus) gives me the chills and makes it hard for me to breathe.  No big dill.  I would rather not have those funny achy joints and that darn pounding in the head than the ability to hike uphill.

Speaking of hiking uphill, I did that, today.  I went as fast as my frail, failing legs and lungs could take me.  Then I took my chemistry final.  I didn’t study one iota for it.  Sad day.  On the other hand, last night I was so worried and aching and the Lord said something to me.  Don’t worry, it won’t be as hard as you think.  He was right.  I would be surprised if I got lower than a B on that final.

Duluth city-20121218-00508

As per post-final-exam-tradition, I went down to the lake.  The cloud mountains were the same color as the cool and quiet water.  The horizon swallowed me up.  That’s what it felt like anyways.  I just walked, thanking my heavenly Father, completely content to live or die, scream or whisper, fail or rise.  There were ducks just gliding about on that glassy, cool water.  Do December ducks worry?  They probably should.  I mean, full force winter is well on its way and if they aren’t careful, their butts will just freeze there! I mean imagine!  Duck butts frozen in Lake Superior ice.  They didn’t appear to give it a thought, though.  So maybe I shouldn’t worry, either.

Then I saw a ship come in.  It was beautiful.

Duluth city-20121218-00511

Duluth city-20121218-00510

I talked to a dear friend and ran into a new one.  Then he accidentally made me a medium bodino.  I didn’t think it was so much a mistake as it was a major blessing.  It is a salted caramel bodino.  Heavenly.  Rich.  If all I had left was four dollars and twenty-six cents, I would spend it on one of these.

Duluth city-20121218-00509

Now I share this table with three strangers.  We are all here alone.  Together.

I love Duluth.

Duluth city-20121218-00512

I betcha wish you were here.


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