These Days

:I’m all caught up on NYMed!  Love this show.

:Been realizing I am my own worst critic.  My embarrassments and perception of imperfect attempts at something, are really through my own eyes, not through other peoples’ remarks.  I like this new show Emily M.D.  She aims to be perfect, too. :o)  I particularly enjoyed episode 7.

:I find it’s easier to swear in my head, these days.  Today, I barely made it up my patient’s driveway when she approached me with her dog leash.  It’s not too bad to take her to the mailbox, is it?  [Umm…do you realize the ice on your driveway is literally an inch thick and smooth as butter?]  I don’t think that’s a good idea, I say.  [she gives a sad, disappointed look]  Well, I’ll just take the dog out later, then, she says.  [Like h*$# you will, I think to myself with a sigh of dread and irritation]  So I leashed up the dog and tromped through the snow.  I was just thinking of all the confrontative things my boss would be saying to me if she saw me gliding around on the ice.  Worker’s comp is kind of a big deal and to be prevented at all costs.  Even if it means ignoring your patient’s sad, puppy eyes and NOT walking the dog.

:Finals are finally at hand.  My assignments are {almost} finished.  I have no idea what to expect for these tests or my performance on them.  Can’t wait to be done and to knit more.

:Really wishing I was less emotionally and mentally exhausted so a winter run would not sound so traumatizing.  Physical exercise is great, but getting through the physical exercise takes investment.

:My foremost desire for myself, is to become humble and soft-hearted.

:Loving quinoa.

:These days, I am getting reacquainted with Celine Dion.  Do you remember the ’90’s?  I do.  In the ’90’s, I spent countless hours in front of the mirror, singing Celine Dion songs into my hair brush.  #I am not ashamed.  She sings beautifully.


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