i see another man

I see another man who is standing on a sailboat.  He may not yet know that he is a sailor, because he may have a fear of the water.  Nevertheless, I see him standing on the starboard (the right) side of the boat.

His arms are covering his face and head, and he is crouched from the waves, trying to protect himself from the dark waters which are crashing over the side of his boat, assaulting him.  He thinks that this is the end.  That this is all the better things will become.


But I see him move.


He lets down his arms, grasps the mast directly behind him and with strength and dignity and complete trust, he steps one foot toward the rail of the boat.  He will not be here forever.  Neither will he be lost.  He will realize that his past was just as it should have been–failures and all!  Whether they were due to his weaknesses or sins or from the sheer strength of his gifts.  He will realize that his God advocates for him in his weakness, for his past.  In this understanding, he will look up and face the waves.

The assault may not rest for some time, but he will be at rest—fully alive in his strength.

But what will he do?  Will he sing with the waves?  Surely, the Captain of his ship would enjoy some song to fill the night air!  I think that the world has not yet seen the magnitude of this man’s influence and gifts!  Will he trust in the competence of his Captain.  I have no doubt.

Brother, the Lord IS faithful to you.  He rests in your company and shows his strength at your oppressors.  Surely, there will come a day when you shall see Him face to face.  You will not miss out on eternity for believing that your life was, indeed, a masterpiece of a great and merciful God!  And in that day, you will comprehend just how critical this moment was, in the history of the Earth.  You will see the importance of your weakness.  You will see just why failing was better than success in those moments.  Just why fear had to acquaint itself with you in that dark night.  You will see that because of your failures, this EXACT moment in history changed the hearts of men toward grace for generations to follow.  You will see just how this moment was a continuation of your ancestry.

So, don’t be afraid.

Be like a little boy playing at the bow of your Father’s ship.  These winds and waters are your new home!


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