Community part tres

I spilled my chem book and notebooks out my car door this morning.  The chem book had it coming, but…there was muddy water everywhere.

I step into Beaner’s, this ‘back-alley’ coffee shop and am offered a carda-miel latte by a sweet fella with bottle-neck glasses and a funny hat.  He brings me a rag for my books and my latte tastes like India.

This is why I love Duluth.

On community, questions are being explored, there is an assessment of how I currently think and feel about community which is perhaps being over-analyzed and progressive strategies are being considered and discussed.

One area of community I have been so blessed by is cyber.  Some may argue whether it is real, I argue that it is.  Since I was young, I have heard people in the church say, ‘the world will hear the gospel through this world wide web thing!’

Alright, then!  Let’s do it!

I have found blogs which I have been taking notes from for a few years, now.  I began taking notes on how I wanted to fashion my life and my future children’s education.  However, because of the real-spirited women I have drunk from, I find that there is much that can be accomplished by sharing real life (not too much, not too little of life) online, with the cyber community.

Some people have a gift for writing, I do not.  I just like to write and need to write.  So I do.

But what I do have a knack for is reading.  Baby, I. can. read!  I can encourage and bless.  Yes, these things I can do.  So I will bring my strengths to the table.  You bring yours and together let’s shape something beautiful.  We can bring our passion for authentic, unplugged and rooted community and we can bring our 21st century skills, stitch these together and see what comes of it.

In starting where we are, we recognize those dear–familiar souls around us.  Both in person and over land and sea.


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