In Deep Autumn

In deep autumn: There is much homeworking and way too little homemaking

In deep autumn: I am learning so much…I’m just not sure of what it all is, yet

In deep autumn: I spend my outside hours on the beach…where I am least likely to meet a bear…or a moose…

In deep autumn: We are preparing for a tiny feast, the five of us, with a special nighttime-lighttime extravaganza

In deep autumn: Finding beauty in the messes of life is more difficult than usual, though not impossible

In deep autumn: I am reminded that November infallibly brings change.  I have found myself drawing IN.  I knit, I read, I daydream, and I’ve taken up yoga again.  Inside, where it is warm.  [I won’t take this time to make a yoga-defense or offense, but I will tell you, my back muscles feel alive, I am avoiding aforementioned bears–as treadmills are not favorable and not working out is NOT option, AND I am {almost} able to balance on my hands while one leg hooks over my right bicep pointing forward, and the other tries to balance straight out behind me.  I search for balance in many areas of my life…mmhmm…I find the irony irresistible.  Although, maybe if I simply searched for this man Jesus, balance would fall into place.  We’re working on this one.]

In deep autumn: My Father keeps reminding me not to fear.  I am also reminded that I am here for this time, now.  Not ten minutes from now or ten days from now, but really now.  In this moment, he desires my affection and he has brought me to this place for now–even in the mess, even though I feel a foreigner.

In deep autumn: I am inspired by this : and always by this woman : and in case you missed it, this : I smell like this


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