Out at Hartley there are trails galore.  So many trails running this way and that.  One needs an observant eye and an adequate sense of direction to Navigate in the summer, but especially in the fall when the foot paths are cloaked with leaves and in the winter when they are obviously obscured by snow.  It’s easy to get lost and though it’s not the worst thing to happen, it can be rather stressful sometimes.  Today I went out and took about 7 different footpaths off the ones regularly trod.  Only 3 of them led me to my destination, the other 4, I backtracked.  By the 7th trail, I was much relieved to realize that my life decisions are much like this–and that essentially, this makes me not a failure, rather a true adventurer.

[And yes, I do take the metaphorical unicorn to the moon in basically every post.  I won’t be apologizing.  Get. Used to it.]

I don’t think I’m alone in this!  I think that most people have backtracked, have chosen paths which did not suit their purposes.  I think that most of us are deceived into thinking we are failures for having stepped onto these trails and are pressured to believe that these adventures are not worth unveiling.  I, heretofore, have bought the same lie.  Now is the time, though, to loose this.  I want to be vulnerable where it matters and will make a difference.  What better place and with which better people than in college?  The place and the people who often know so fully the reality of backtracking.  Of choosing one career, then choosing another; of choosing a school, then choosing another; of choosing a roommate, then choosing another; of choosing grace by faith in the man on the cross, then doubting his validity.  Goodness knows, college students know how to backtrack, how to search for their destination (whether they find it or not).  The nice thing is that we can be intrepid.  We can carry on.  (hah! Any Elizabethtown fans out there?)

And perhaps before we know it, we find the trail we chose actually carries us all

the way



To that lonely trail we graced for but a few paces.  This time, at the appointed time, the trail is ours to travel.



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