Where we stand

Some days I forget where I am.  It is then that a drive downtown awakes my memory.

Some days I forget why I am here, after all, I did not hear a call or feel a pull.  It is on these days that a prayer for this city plants me firmly on ground.  I know not why I dislike school or why I find it challenging to REALLY, permanently plug in here, but I do know that when I join in prayer for this city, life around me begins to make sense.

I am only one in an extensive lineage of intercessors in this city.  Those who have come before and those who come after create this beautiful and elegant framework.  The Lord has heard our cries and he is preparing this place for new and faithful feet to tread.  He will reclaim this land, he will move in these hearts, he will pour out like water on this dry ground.  Mark my words, folks, the Lord will move mightily in this place.  His glory increases even now.


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