Legacy is like water (part 1)

Rivers, here, run down.  They have carved their way to one of the greatest fresh water lakes in the world.  When rain falls, it inevitably travels the well-trodden paths which man has ironically constructed their pride upon, as if their vapor-like business could trump those recalcitrant highways.  Water, here, flows down.
Maya Angelou said that water has a memory.  It is always trying to find its way back to where it started.  These rivers, many constrained with concrete and buildings, will define their space once again.  The June flood in Duluth proved this point.
When we grow, we do something similar to carving river beds.  It is the people around us who help define our borders.  Some construct their values upon us, some nurture our flow.  Their influence either allows us to narrow our capacity or widen our banks.  They help us to define which portions of our lives flow with urgency or serenity–both being essential.
This influence is a gift from the Father, that we would learn from one another, yet that we would learn to be who we are meant to be and to fulfill our destiny.
Whose legacy has left a great impact on your life?

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