Of course, it is more complicated and particular than this, but there is a technique in cross country skiing where a person rounds a corner by using their outside leg to step and push.  As they set down their inside ski to shortly glide, they repeat the process the process until the turn is complete.  If one does not follow this simple, gradual turn, they are likely to cross their skis and tumble or perhaps flop right onto their hind end as the skis take the momentum and slide out from under them.

It is sometimes frustrating that these simple turns cannot be immediately executed, that you can’t just turn your body and take off like a runner.  As a skier, it takes practice and time to perfect one’s technique in turning, not only for keeping one’s balance, but also for maintaining one’s pace.
Our lives change like this.  Slowly and gradually, in our God-granted resilience, we accept turns and corners and call them challenges.  Step-push-glide. Step-push-glide. Step-push-glide.
And so, we evolve.

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