Maybe I Will Plant A Garden…

…I like when Drew makes my latte, because he makes this really neat leaf in the foam.

One block from my local latte-haven, sits this idyllic home, with brick front and 5 tiny bedrooms.  There are two washers and two dryers, a living room, dining room, a kitchen with too few cupboards, 2 bathrooms and our very own driveway with plenty of parking.  One bedroom is a front porch, renovated to become a small bedroom by an added IKEA armoire.  I.Love.It!  There is a debate out now about which girl will get which room, but my vote is for this one.

In the backyard and to the west side of the house, there is a little wooded area, blocking the view of the quiet, pothole infested back street. The front street is quiet, many potholes, yes, but quiet.  #NomoreearplugswhilstIsleep  Though there are tenants in the upstairs apartment, I am hopeful that they are thoughtful.

The connection with the landlord is personal via one of my roommates.  She has known her for a couple of years and trusts her.  So far, from what we have seen, she puts in as much time and resources as she deems adequate to create a nourishing space for her college tenants…and her family.  She sets goals, calculates stats, and crunches numbers to project timelines.  I secretly hope to become friends with this empowered woman!

This brings us to the roommates.  What I would really like is exactly what lays before me.  I would like to live in community with girls for at least another year or two.  I plan on staying in Duluth for school for the next couple of years and I would like at least two of those years to be lived in one location, this location may be that place.  Though I would prefer my living quarters to be shared with individuals of similar beliefs on certain issues, I am certain I am learning something valuable from the lives of those with whom I am currently living. (All I’m saying is that in the summer, it’s hot.  When it’s hot, I don’t like to wear pants…or shirts!  I don’t care to be surprised by any random men while I’m not wearing pants or shirts. …You understand.  Right?)

When I initially was planning my move to Duluth, I was really asking of the Lord for a godly family to immerse myself in, to glean life skills from and from whom I could learn more of the ways of love.  My desire for this is, I just realized, quenched for this upcoming season.  But now, I am in the midst of a challenge, and though there are moments when I just about throw in the towel and throw a for-real-3-year-old tantrum, I feel this blessed stubbornness rise up in me to learn this lesson.  It must be dear to the Lord’s heart.  Just thinking out loud, but if this wasn’t something important, would the Lord have led me here in the first place?  He risked the greatest thing of all, the possibility of my heart becoming offended at him in order to enlarge my heart and teach more about himself.  It must be worth it…

Well, anyway, we go to visit this quaint little home for the second time, tonight.  Please pray for me, that with discernment, confidence, and joy, I would understand the direction the Lord would take me in this next season of life!


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