Intentionally Unexpected

Greeted by a thick scent of balsam and home, I entered ‘traditional Christmas-eve’ this year, much satisfied and already full to the brim of holiday cheer!


You see, my Thanksgiving work schedule was packed, making it only my second holiday away from home.  The first was the 2008 celebration of the 4th of July (a holiday of which I already am not particularly fond)…I bitterly cried during the fireworks…So, to preserve my 2011 Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year, I heeded to the advice of a fellow blogger, by intentionally letting go of my holiday expectations.  The simple gifts have thus become great this season.  I have been greeted with hugs galore and ‘Merry Christmas’ segues for days, Christmas treats and feasts, concerts and tunes, lights and candles, scarves, warm winter walks by trail and beach, buttery new pajamas, and the blessing of new friends.  Though traditions are difficult for me to unclench, this entirely new Christmas has proven to be one of the most fulfilling!  Thank you, Lord!

Looking forward, there are exciting things ahead, like new gifts to be unwrapped.  Such as :: a season of fasting with friends :: continued friendships :: a new major and a new minor :: more of Duluth to discover :: encouragement of the local body of Christ :: and a new home church in which to be planted
I was given a pair of snowshoes last Christmas (a dream come true).  These I intend to utilize as soon as the north woods fill up with snow.  There are new songs in my iTunes list, roommates to get to know, a new living situation to unearth, and practical life-skills to be gained.  I can’t wait to see what I will be engaged in next Christmastime!  Perhaps the DYC?  Or CHUM?

…All in due time.

Speaking of time, when life is brought back to the basics in the season of the valley, it is so sweet to remember the faithfulness of my Lord, to simply love the ones around me, to walk with integrity, and be patient as I learn true surrender.  Sometimes a dream so deeply rooted takes years to be realized and two moons to be replanted at the foot of the cross.

…All in due time.

Trust the Lord.  His leadership is perfect.


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