When You Leave Your Front Door….

::You miss the light pouring through your bedroom windows.

::You miss weeding that once-again, oversized garden.

::You want to hug your dog.

::You want to watch movies with your sister.

::You want to get ALL your mail the DAY it ARRIVES.

::You miss lawn mowing?!

::You jones for some time with those home-town friends and acquaintances.

::You miss your LOCAL Dunn Bros.

::You feel a bit lost, like that feeling you get when you are out at the deep end of the lake by the buoys, and you try to touch your tippy-toes to the sandy floor, but you can’t reach so you frantically paddle yourself to the surface where you take short breaths and slowly realize you are okay, afloat, there in the deep.

::You can’t decide whether to walk/bike/drive.

::You can’t wait for next Wednesday, when the sailing club takes out the boats and lazily meander in circles until 8pm.

::You pray for new friends, and surprisingly, an old one shows up!

::You yearn to FEEL the presence of God.

::You hunger for mommy’s yummy, grilled burgers.

::You miss having gas money so you can visit your friends from years bygone.

::You are grateful for home, family, and friends, solidarity.

::It feels like black friday, in child-like anticipation of Christmas’ slow arrival–you can’t wait for the excitement of the next move, but you know this ‘post-black friday season’ will be a most enjoyable one, if only you live it like eternity is in close pursuit.

::You notice how delightfully the northern Minnesotan pine trees smell.

::You are still you.


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