The back aches, sore butt, and cramped quads are enough to force me around some days, but generally, I enjoy a good kick down the trail.  Today, I rode in a circle down a gravel road…more like up, then around and back down the trail and somehow the wind was in my face there AND back!

There is something natural and adventuresome about the wind against my face and skin–I like that; and the riding along faster than a running pace and WAY quicker than walking, it gives the illusion that I am going somewhere, about to bequest upon another foreign exploration with just the presence of my King Jesus, my helmet and iPod to keep me company.  It makes my all too delightful sunset rides and crisp morning air-rides to explain tonight.

I value that feeling of well-being after being on a good, long ride, and the feeling of liberty from using the bike to get to and from work/school.  I like showing off my helmet.


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