I like books and I enjoy reading them.

With sunshine warming my hair and wind licking my cheeks, I described to my yellow lab the travails of my life these days.  I have no doubt he was bored but the way he would reach for my hand as if on qeue was comforting.  What I discovered from my unearthing was not profound by way of Webster, but it was revealing in light of my current circumstances.  Without many details, I must simply confess my fickle-self woke up today determined to bake a cherry pie.  This is remarkable as I do not care for cherry pie.  Blackberry Peach, yes.  Cheesecake, yes!  But cherry…too sweet and tart all at once for my appreciation.

At least I have unearthed my true aspiration without too much of a limbo.  Maybe tomorrow I will read my book.



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